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Special course:“Advanced course in industrial safety”

Удостоверение о повышении квалификации
Удостоверение о повышении квалификации

Certificate of professional development

Практических и теоретических занятий
0 hours
Практических и теоретических занятий

Practical and theoretical studies

Стоимость прохождения курса
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Стоимость прохождения курса

The cost of passing the course

Форма обучения
Form of study
Форма обучения

Internal, Correspondence, Remote

Презентация курса
Course Presentation

The goal of the program:

Program "directional drilling with the use of telemetry systems" was developed under the order for the needs of Companies working in the field of directional drilling. Given the shortage of qualified personnel in the labour market, turnover of field staff, time and costs required for training for independent and high-quality work in well drilling, Our team tried to implement a program of training, allowing most effectively to train specialists to work in "real" terms.

  • Reducing tension on the labor market in the field of Directional drilling
  • The decrease in personnel turnover among professionals of Directional drilling
  • Reducing the time of preparation of technicians and engineers nnb to the level of technology DD
  • Training of experts working in drilling, or graduates of educational institutions to the level of specialists nnb
  • Improving the quality of wells construction

The purpose of the program:

The program aims at a qualitative change in the following professional competencies of students necessary for professional activities in the framework of the existing skills:

  • the ability to control the curvature of the borehole with the help of technical means (motor-ukloniti, centralizers, rotary-driven and the telemetry system);
  • the ability to produce technological operations that pose an increased risk of complications and emergency situations during drilling of horizontal wells, including sidetracks;
  • the ability to choose the rock cutting tool and a mud motor depending on their service life, design and well profile.
  • the ability to maintain the stability of drilling fluids while drilling complex profile;
  • the ability to adjust the parameters of drilling fluids for PReuritania various complications, quality of productive layers opening

Intended learning outcomes:

The result of the program, the student must acquire the following knowledge and skills necessary for qualitative changes of competence:

The student should know:

  • requirements for the layout parameters of BHA
  • principles of Geology oil and gas fields;
  • causes loss of stability of the borehole walls and common complications in the drilling process in different regions;
  • fundamentals of drilling technology and navigation complex-wells (modes drilling with PDC bits and downhole motors, and design of BHA for the different sections of the wellbore, methods of orientation of otklonila);
  • functions and purpose the flushing of drilling fluids.

The listener should be able to:

  • to choose the type and the composition of the flushing of drilling mud depending on the geological structure of oil and gas wells and designing new wells;
  • to design profiles of NNS;
  • to calculate the spatial position of any point in the well;
  • to make a safe transaction of the wellbore;
  • to identify and reduce the risk of stuck pipe, drilling mud absorption and gazonefteprovodnyh.

Requirements to level of training received at the training:

Engineering-technical workers on the drilling facilities.