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Special course:“Advanced course on occupational”

Удостоверение о повышении квалификации
Удостоверение о повышении квалификации

Certificate of professional development

Практических и теоретических занятий
80 hours
Практических и теоретических занятий

Practical and theoretical studies

Стоимость прохождения курса
17 400 RUB.
Стоимость прохождения курса

The cost of passing the course

Форма обучения
Form of study
Форма обучения

Internal, Correspondence, Remote

Презентация курса
Course Presentation

The life and health of a person in the course of employment of a person can be exposed to various dangerous and harmful factors. Labour protection is a system which includes a number of activities. For this system to work, every Manager and employee needs to undergo regular training and examination requirements of labor protection.

The study programme "labour Protection" was developed in order to implement the requirements of the Labour code of the Russian Federation, the Order of training on labour protection and checks of knowledge of requirements of labor protection of employees of organizations approved by decree of the Ministry of labour and social development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation of 13 January 2003 No. 1/29, and in accordance with the normative legal acts and normative technical documentation, instructions required to perform safe work.

The purpose of training leaders and employees of organizations under the program "labor Protection" is the acquisition by students of knowledge on labour protection necessary for use in practical activities in the field of safety and occupational health to ensure preventive measures on reducing industrial traumatism and occupational diseases.

Heads and specialists of the organizations receive training on labor protection when applying for a job within the first month, then as needed, but not less than once in three years.

The course is designed for heads of institutions; Deputy heads of organizations in charge of labor protection; Deputy chief of engineers for the protection of labor; employers, individuals, and other individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity; managers, specialists, engineering and technical personnel engaged in the organisation, management and conduct of operations at workplaces and production units as well as control and technical supervision of conductedeat works, specialists of occupational health services, workers on which the employer is responsible of the organization of work on labour protection, members of committees (commissions) on labour protection, members of the commissions on examination of requirements of labour protection in the organization.